Drawing techniques with watercolors for beginners

Watercolor is a pictorial technique considered, probably without reason, among the easiest to perform
July 15, 2017
Watercolor is a type of paint in which the pigments, finely ground, are agglutinated with gum arabic
December 15, 2017
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Drawing techniques with watercolors for beginners

If you love to draw and paint, but you are tired of the traditional means that are commonly used, do not worry that in this article we have the best for you.

Have you ever tried the watercolors or have you heard about them? Well, they are basically paintings (not like the temperas, but similar) made with water and are not toxic at all. They come compactly (as if they were an eye shadow) only so that with the help of a brush and water you can start painting.

In addition to being simple to use, they also take care of the environment where they work, since they do not usually get so dirty. In addition, they are completely different from normal paints, as they do not have the same finish.

With the watercolors you can create minimalist and very sober drawings, where the pastel colors are the protagonists of the sketches, for that reason they are highly valued within the circle of painters of still life, landscapes and portraits.

The palette allows you to have more comfort when making your sketches. So that the colors come out alive and perfect, mix three different shades of the same color (from light to strong).

For the first color, use your brush to apply about eight drops of water in an empty space of the palette. Then, submerge your still wet brush in your dampened watercolor and transfer some color to the water that you place in the well.

For the second, apply five drops and perform the same procedure as at the beginning. If you think it is very clear you can apply more color, but if you want it darker you can apply the paint directly from the palette, without needing to dissolve it so much.

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